An interdisciplinary workshop was organised by the Institut für Musikwissenschaft (UniWien) and the ManMax project at the Austrian Academy of Sciences on 23 May. It was the first scientific event of the newly funded ManMax project.

The workshop focussed on collective Marian devotional practices – praying, singing, celebrating and listening to mass, but also writing poetry and composing – at the court of Maximilian I. Striking case studies from the fields of music, visual arts, literature and liturgy as well as various actors and media were presented in keynote speeches and discussed by the participants from the perspective of various disciplines. The underlying thesis was that varieties of late medieval Marian piety, which can be observed on a political, medial, religious and musical level at the court of Maximilian I, can be studied almost paradigmatically and analysed in their diverse functions (piety-historical, prosopographical as well as political-public-representative nature).

Here is the program and a short article describing the outcomes of the conference

Header Credits Image: Wikicommons


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