The kick-off conference of the SFB Managing Maximilian (FWF F9200), “Managing the Prince: Hidden Actors and the Prosopography of Pre-modern Rulership”, will take place in Vienna at the Weltmuseum Wien Forum – KHM (Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien) and online from 23 to 25 May 2024.

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Premodern rule deeply relied upon personal relationships; rulership depended on interactions of formal rulers and those who implemented or influenced their intentions. The shaping of politics and dynastic ambitions, the exercise of rule, the consolidation of administration, the prince’s sense of his or her self and the staging of power cannot be disentangled. All those in charge of these tasks were key actors in the making of rulership.

By using a prosopographical approach, the large scale SFB project “Managing Maximilian (1493-1519). Persona, Politics, and Personnel through the Lens of Digital Prosopography“ (ManMAX) intends to show that power, politics, and their staging, can only be interpreted through a profound investigation of personal relations and interactions. Inspired by the cultural history of politics and New Institutionalism, it aims at a new assessment of Maximilian’s reign by backing a qualitative interpretation with a large-scale dataset. Guided by an interdisciplinary perspective, ManMAX intends to raise our knowledge of this emperor’s rule to a new scale and increase our broader understanding of rule as a process of negotiation between a multitude of agents.

The project focusses on the thousands of actors in Maximilian’s rule, administration, artistic and cultural production and to relate them to one another in the course of a major source digesting campaign and by means of a (factoid-based) data collection. Marking the end of the first year of collaborative work, this conference presents the main research strands to an international audience. Moreover, itexposes the objectives and digital tools of the project to collegial discussion and criticism in a still early working phase in order to gather suggestions and advice. All papers will be presented as a tandem of two interlinked contributions and subsequently discussed by two respondents.

Header Image Credits: Albrecht Dürer, Emperor Maximilian I (1519), Kunsthistorisches Museum, GG_825. © Wikicommons

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